Patient Referral Policy 2015

This Policy outlines patient referrals processes for urgent medical evacuations domestically (from the Pa Enua to Rarotonga) and internationally (to New Zealand). The Policy also outlines the eligibility criteria of persons for urgent medical evacuation at the cost of Te Marae Ora.

Scope: This Policy only applies to:

  • All Resident Cook Islanders; and Permanent Resident certificate holders in the Cook Islands;
    i. Who have been identified and managed through Te Marae Ora
    hospital/community health care services; and have been
    ii. Approved under this criteria by the Secretary of Health and the Patient referral committee.
    Note: Cook Islanders and Permanent Resident certificate holders who do not have a New Zealand passport DO NOT qualify for free health services in New Zealand and will be liable for all medical, hospital and personal costs (accommodation, transport, meals etc) in New Zealand.

This Policy does not cover:

  • Non-Cook Islands nationals;
  • Non-Cook Islanders on work permits or any other temporary permit residing in the Cook Islands and their children and/or relatives
  • Visitors and tourists to the Cook Islands;
  • Cook Islanders residing overseas; and
  • Private and Self Referrals.
  • Note: Patients in this category will be expected to cover ALL health care costs incurred

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