COVID-19 UPDATE FOR 25 February 2022 (CKT)

Health ministry Te Marae Ora (TMO) can now confirm that one of the close contacts of case nine has also tested positive for Covid-19, bringing the total number of positive cases detected in the Cook Islands to date to 10.

Case 10 is one of the two household contacts of case nine. They were swabbed for a PCR test late yesterday on February 24 after it was confirmed that case nine had tested positive for Covid-19.

This test was then processed this morning, returning a positive result for case 10 around midday.

Case 10 is triple vaccinated and currently asymptomatic, although they experienced a mild cough on Wednesday, February 23, from which they have now recovered. They have been served a 10-day Isolation Order commencing from today, February 25.

Contact tracing has so far identified six close contacts for case 10, including one existing household contact who is also a close contact for case nine.

All six close contacts have been formally quarantined and swabbed for PCR testing, with results still to be confirmed. All six will be PCR tested again on days five and nine of their 10-day quarantine periods.

Due to case 10’s careful adherence to the required Covid-19 public health measures, no further locations of interest associated with this case have been identified as yet.

Of the 10 Covid-19 cases so far identified in the Cook Islands, one has completed their 10-day isolation period and two are scheduled to be released tonight, while seven remain in isolation.

All 10 cases have been fully vaccinated and none have required hospital treatment at any stage, with three remaining entirely asymptomatic to date.

TMO would like to urge all members of the public at this time to please get yourself tested for Covid-19 if you are displaying Covid-like symptoms, which most commonly include fever, cough, excess fatigue, sore throat or aches and pains. If you are feeling unwell, please stay home until you are able to get yourself tested.

PCR testing will continue to be available at Tupapa Primary Care from 9am-3pm, seven days a week. To make an appointment for your test and for directions if required, call 20065 or 20066.

RAT testing will also be available at the airport testing station during Air Rarotonga operating hours for a fee of $10.

If you have visited a location of interest (see below) at the relevant time and are symptomatic, or if you are displaying Covid-like symptoms, please get yourself tested if you have not done so already.

Covid-19 test results for those who have had a PCR test will be sent via text by TMO to the cellphone number provided. Test results will generally be available within 24 hours, but may take up to 48 hours to be processed.

It may not necessarily take the full 48 hours to get your test results back, but you MUST self-quarantine at your home or accommodation until you are contacted by TMO with your results and given the all-clear.

TMO will continue to provide periodic public updates on our test numbers and results as the Covid-19 situation in the Cook Islands develops, as well as if any further new positive cases emerge.

The current locations (and dates) of interest are as follows (note that some times may overlap):

Wednesday February 16
Family funeral at Takuvaine home (10.30am-1.30pm)
Tupapa Gym (7-8.30pm)

Thursday February 17
Rarotonga Rentals across from the airport (8.30am-4pm)

Friday February 18
Rarotonga Rentals across from the airport (8.30am-4pm)

Saturday February 19
Air NZ inbound flight NZ946, rows 53-55

ENDS: For more information, please visit or contact Shaun Bamber via email at or phone +682 54125.