COVID-19 National Vaccination Programme Complete

23 August 2021

The Ministry of Health –Te Marae Ora (TMO) – has just completed its second round of vaccinations for Covid-19. This means that all elligible adults who have wanted to be vaccinated have been.

The Minister of Health – Hon Vainetutai Rose Toki Brown – says, “I’m really pleased with the turn out of people who have come forward to be vaccinated. Doing so is not only providing a shield for yourself from serious illness or death; but also your family, friends, our vulnerable people and our country.”

“I also want to thank everyone who came forward for acting so responsibly. I particularly want to thank our staff and volunteers, the Cook Islands Maritime Police, the New Zealand Navy, Air Rarotonga, MFEM, MFAI, Cook Islands Red Cross, the Mayors and Island Councils from the Pa Enua, Crown Law, Cook Islands Tourism and the Cook Islands Child Welfare Association. Each of these organisations and government ministries has helped Te Marae Ora carry out this massive task which places us amongst the most vaccinated nations on earth; and further reinforces our covid-free status. In particular our thanks are also extended to the New Zealand government for allowing us access to the Pfizer vaccine.”

The Secretary of Health – Bob Williams – says “our statistics as far as vaccinations go are welcome news for Te Marae Ora. From an eligible population of 11,409 I’m delighted to report that 11,040 Cook Islands residents are now fully vacinated. That’s over 96%, an outstanding achievement. Meitaki maata to the people of the Cook Islands.”

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